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Компания основана в 2006 году двумя профессиональными риелторами, которые до этого более 10 лет работали в Москве. С тех пор, компания сильно выросла и заняла уверенную позицию на рынке недвижимости Черногории. Фирма работает по всей Черногории. В том числе охватывает все побережье, Херцег-Нови, Тиват, Котор, Будву, Бар, Ульцинь, Подгорицу, Цетинье, весь север.

Компания Monte Realty является представителем многих российских, украинских и прибалтийских и других зарубежных компаний, работающих в сфере продаж недвижимости в Черногории.


Компания застройщиком с 2012 года, за это время реализованы проекты строительства

– клубного комплекса в Будве Altezza Club

– коттеджного поселка Monte Verde и Vita Verde в Зеленом Поясе г. Бар,

– а также отелей и частных вилл по всему побережью Черногории.


Нами проведено более 1000 сделок.

В базе более 3000 актуальных объектов.

Отзывы клиентов

My wife and I contacted Monte Realty company by recommendation of our friends who have had a complex and non-standard deal, and were satisfied with the result.  On our behalf, we wish to express our deep gratitude to the managers of Monte Realty Company. In particular, Valery for his high level of professionalism, integrity, responsibility, moral support, for protection of our interests.

Our land …

- Viktor M., Arkhangelsk, 2015

I participate in the second investment project with Monte Realty – building a hotel in Krasici. The first experience of cooperation has brought a significant profit which I did not expect, that is why it was easy to take a decision on participation again. Company’s employees take a full care of the organization of works, regularly providing information on the construction and sales. A reliable c…

Oleg, Vladivostok, 2016

I asked the company to select a few apartments or a hotel for rent during the season, in my opinion, now it is the best option for profit from real estate. Monte Realty specialists picked several apartments in Becici, 150 meters from the sea that are rented successfully for the 3rd season in a row. Also they manage this real estate, which is very convenient and profitable.



-Dmitry, Moscow, 2015

I want to thank Alexey very much, a very knowledgeable realtor. He represented the interests of the seller of an apartment in Budva, but he also helped me (a buyer) a lot. The deal almost collapsed but Alexey solved the issue and helped me to register documents in Cadaster and register utility bills on my name. Big thanks!


-Michael K., Novosibirsk, 2013

I thank Monte Realty Company staff for their work. We’ve carried out the third deal together with this agency and are very happy with the result as we have reached the goal every time. The whole team is very professional. Our latest deal was carried out by the agent Ivan who clearly, adequately, competently, purposefully and charmingly works in this challenging field. He helped us to buy a house…

- Olga N., Moscow 2014

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